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Please fill out our survey on your long-term transit needs by February 17, 2021.  For more information on the scenarios, please view this presentation.

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Whatcom Transportation Authority is committed to making the Long Range Transit Plan a community-driven process, incorporating the knowledge and vision of residents and organizations into every aspect of the planning process. As such, the plan will focus heavily on community engagement across all parts of the County. Help us improve our transit system!


We will be updating this page throughout the project with new ways to get involved, so check this page periodically for updates. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person events are on hold until further notice.

WTA 2040 Survey #1

Thank you to everyone who responded to WTA 2040 Survey #1! WTA received 542 online responses (541 English, 1 Russian; 9 paper surveys). The survey asked questions to understand current public opinion on both current travel patterns and vision for future travel options. The survey was available online throughout the month of August 2020 and closed on September 6, 2020.

When asked, “why is WTA important to you,” the majority of respondents indicated that the most important factor is that it meets the transportation needs of the community, followed by environmental benefits, congestion relief, and improved quality of life.

The survey is being used to understand existing conditions and develop future transit scenarios. A summary of survey responses is available in the Library.

Transportation Advisory Group (TAG)

WTA assembled a group of community representatives and stakeholders to guide the development of WTA 2040. Members of the TAG include riders, residents, businesses, groups, and local agency representatives. The group will meet at three key checkpoints over the course of the plan development.

The group convened in July 2020 to learn about how TAG members and those they work with or represent use WTA and needs, concerns, and hopes for the future. Notes and PowerPoint slides from the first TAG meeting are available in the Library.

WTA 2040 Survey #2

In early 2021, the project team will be launching a second survey. This survey will ask questions about WTA’s proposed transit scenarios. To stay in the loop, follow WTA on Facebook or Twitter, or return to this website.

Tim Wilder

Planning Director and Project Manager

Whatcom Transportation Authority